Number two for today..working on Jayson, work in progress

Number two for today..working on Jayson, work in progress..

Inquires regarding appointments

Hey, first off I wanna say I am so grateful for all the support I have received from fans.  I have been getting tons of emails and I am trying my hardest to answer every single one.  If you have any questions regarding appointments, please hit me up at or hit up the shop manager instead of facebook because this will help us keep track of every email much better.  Thanks so much for understanding and we look forward to helping every one out!

Pig Skull Shirts now available!

I’d like to thank everyone who came down to the art gallery opening this past Saturday to support the ESS crew.  It is so great seeing the same ol’ crowd and all the new faces as well.  I’d also like to thank everyone who bought my new t-shirts that night.  

These shirts are now available at the shop or can be mailed out, if you are out of state.  If you’d like to order one, give Jeff a shout @ 516-414-4249


Thanks yo!