Finale Photos…

8 thoughts on “Finale Photos…

  1. Amazing..really Tommy. Your professionalism, positive attitude, and artistic skills left all the other “competition” in the dust in my opinion. The reaper is the perfect mix of dark and bright with details for days. While your pinup is simple, soft, and elegant. Beautiful!

  2. Tommy I thought your last tattoo was so incredibly beautiful! I’ve said it once and I’ll continue saying it…you ARE the Ink Master!!

  3. I’m good friends with Steve (Pheck) and have one tattoo by Marvin (so far, will be back for more) and I was SHOCKED that you didn’t win. I had a text all ready to send to Steve about how you wouldn’t have to worry about college tuition, etc and then they give it to Shane. I was so surprised. You definitely deserved it. He’s a great artist, but not as good as you.

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