2 thoughts on “Tattoo Nightmares – Premieres Tomorrow!

  1. I just want to start out by say that I LOVE your show! I think you three are the most talented artists I’ve seen in awhile. I’d love to get a tattoo but have been reluctant b/c no one I’ve met thus far impresses me as much as your team does 🙂 no offense to those guys, hands down u are amazing

    I’ve got a question I was hoping you could answer…. there’s a song that was featured on the show. I think it was ep 1 or 3 where Gus worked on the ‘butt pirate’… an instrumental was played in the background during his conversation with his client (guitars, drums, etc) just as they’re shaking hands and he began working on the tat sketch. Do you know the name of that song??? I’ve been racking my brain over this for weeks now!!

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