I am so grateful for all the support I have receive from clients who have been with me from the beginning, new clients as well as fans that have seen me on the first season of Inkmaster and Tattoo Nightmares.

There are many questions that are being asked, that hopefully I can help answer:

– My shop is Empire State Studio located in Amityville, New York.

– My current hourly rate is $250, however that may change in the future. Anything under four hours is an $1,000 minimum.

– I enjoy starting a tattoo with a blank slate, not only coverups.

– It’s important for the artist to work one on one with you and your idea for the area that is being tattooed. Due to those circumstances, I do not do any drawings for someone else to tattoo or to review any tattoos to give advice or to see if they are coverable.

– Internet, social media, word of mouth and reviewing portfolios are the best ways to find and choose an artist that would best fit what you are looking for.

– All the tattoos I create for a client are their own custom pieces, so I would not be able to provide a drawing of any tattoo that I have completed.

– I will post the conventions or guest spots I will be doing on my blog, shop website and FaceBook, so keep an eye out for those posts.

– Tattoo Nightmare Shop is only used for Jasmine, Big Gus and I to work together and film. The filming is done in LA however, the shop is not where we each work on a daily basis. There is no phone number for the shop, again because it is only used for filming. I do not know the scheduling/waiting list for Jasmine or Big Gus.

– I do not work at Madison Tattoo Shoppe in North Hollywood, the tattoo shop that I own is in Oceanside, New York and is called Empire State Studio (

– If you want to be on the show, you must contact Spike Casting. I have no say in who gets chosen.

– Please keep in mind that if I am at my shop, I will be working with a client. I will be unable to take any phone calls, however there is always a shop manager available to help you.

– I work along side five other great artists. You can check their work out at

Please contact 516-414-4249 for appointment information or email instead of facebook because this will help us keep track of every email much better if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much for understanding and for reading!

121 thoughts on “Information

  1. Hey thereTommy,, I get the picture thanks for the update! I will continue to watch the show and give my best to Jas and Gus. No matter if Spike Casting. has the say I understand I will continue to contact them and keep the proverbial fingers crossed! I just wanted to let the three of you know you have a fan here in Canada who appreciates being able to see what you all do!
    If we get to New York I hope to at least visit your shop at the Empire State Studio in Oceanside and say hi maybe even catch a beer together. Stay Safe Stay Strong Cheers hugs and grizzes to all three of you Grizzlierbear

  2. It’s so nice to see that you really care about your fans. I, too, am Canadian & I love, love, love your work. I’d probably act like the girl did a couple weeks ago who got the “Candyland” cover up! LOL That’s my fave & my style. It’s nice to see “flirty/girlie tatoos. That’s what mine are. I hope you stay on TV for a long time because you are so talented and you’re obviously really nice – not stuck up. Keep it real! Joy.

  3. hi, love the shows! don’t think i’d ever get a tattoo myself, but i’m fascinated by these shows! i have a random question. when an artist blows up, i get that more business comes his way. how do you calculate your waiting lists? i am curious why there would be a waiting list so long – is it that each tattoo takes a very long time? you only work a couple days a week? how much time do you allocate to each client? don’t know why i’m curious, but i am! xx

    • As stated in the blog, Tommy has had a waiting list for 1-2 years for almost the past 10 years, and now due to the show it has jump to ~4 years.

      Many clients are getting large areas of their bodies tattooed which require many months, even years of work. Tommy works 5 or 6 days a week sometimes tattooing for 10-12 hours a day, however there are many hours that goes into the drawings before the tattoo process is even started.

  4. Reblogged this on artbytommyblog and commented:

    I am reposting this blog due to the amount of questions I have been getting. I have been doing my best in trying to answer all the emails, comments and posts. If I miss you, please forgive me, but this should help answer any questions you guys might have.

  5. Dude you are awesome!! I would love love love to get work done by you, maybe make a date for say three to four years? You are definitely worth the wait, been around alot of tatoo artists during my life… best I’ve seen!

    You rock!

  6. So Tommy know if you come home..and bring the misses with you to our can get a nice puerto rican meal…hint hint..last wedding michelle went to?? the the last engagement party you went to lol…and me besides your family, biggest fan….it is next week on the 15th of dec. just ask Michelle to ask Val…hope to see you all

  7. Tommy your the badest tattoo artist I’ve ever seen you deserved to beink master. Your last tattoo of the season blew mymind. I have an awful tattoo that i got doneby my neighbor with a paper clipand a pencil… its in memory of my parents and the other is in memory of my dog Its killing me to have such a piece of trash on my arms.I’d like to have you help me out and blossom my tattoos into something to be proud of for my parents and my dog.

  8. Love your work Tommy. I’ve been a fan since the first Ink Master show! I was hoping to get a work of art from you but I understand the demand is ridiculous lol. Know we here in Canada support you and the work you do.

  9. Plz help me email me so I can send you a pic of what happen to me plzzzzzzzzzzz I neeed yyour help really reallyy realllyyy bad

  10. i would like to be put on the waiting list.i am looking at getting an eagle grabbing a fish out of a river .it will be a cover up. if i still need to call please let me know.because i am in Canada and will have to drive there i would prefer to book it in the summer months.July or august .im looking forward to getting a tattoo from tommy and is worth the ok with the price

  11. i am looking forward to getting a tattoo from tommy.i would like to get a eagle grabbing a fish out of the river on my will be a cover up.have a bad tattoo on my solder blade that needs to be covered .i would like to go on the waiting list.since i am coming from the Toronto area i would like to book it in the summer months July or august .its worth the wait to have tommy tattoo me.let me know if i still need to call shop to go on the waiting list.thanks

  12. I just have to say that I absolutely love your work and I was so pissed when you didn’t win the first season but you proved that you don’t have to be first to win! You rock and you’re sexy too 😉

  13. Since youre know for your cover ups on Tattoo Nightmares, I was hoping you could answer this question for me – on my wrist I have a quote written in black, would getting it re tattooed in white help dilute it so its not so…strong? and if i kept getting it touched up in white will it eventually become what people call a “white tattoo?” (aka so it looks like a scar?)

  14. *rolls eyes* its amazes me how many times one needs to repeat themselves to be heard. Let me say thanks for all the information. Keep painting the magic

  15. Well I see your extremely busy but I will in fact contact Spike TV because I have faith that you , Jasmine, or Big Gus can turn my first ever tatt into a work of art that I’m not ashamed of ! Thanks Tommy

  16. Just scheduled in appointment on your waiting list and am so excited…3 or 4 years for an incredible tattoo, created by an amazing artist that I’ll have for the rest of my life…SO WORTH IT!!

  17. Hey Tommy I just started watching your show and I love it. You guys do amazing work. If I lived in your area I’d come to you for ever tattoo. I kno I would not leave disappointed.

  18. Thank you for your reply . I hope one day to get to your shop in New York . Even if I don’t get to see you 3 I can most certainly see one of the people who work in that shop . Again thank you and keep up the great work !!

  19. Hello, I have been watching your show for a while now and its amazing how your artists and you perform your art on people. I actually need something redone. I got a memorial on my wrist for my cat sammy that died of animal cancer a few years ago. Its faded and really upsets me everytime Im asked about it or when I even look at it because how porly itis done. I would love for you or one of your artists to please help me out. This was to be a memorial tat that i can carry with me for.the rest of my life and right now.its.just not.satisfaction that i would like. Please help me out.

  20. Tommy i got an idea for an reality show. Dont want to give to much info.would really appreciate if u could contact me.i think u would be interested.(407)285-2687rsvp

      • Hey Tommy you have been tattooing since ive been born, I just turned 18 a year ago and 1st thing i bought was one of the cheap peice O” shit tattoo machines. Ive been doing art my whole life and kind of getting the hang of tattoos….it is totally diffrent then anything else and i love it as much as i have respect for the outstanding artists like yourself. I promised myself i will fly to NY and get a tattoo from you when the time is right but your doing more then slapping sick peices of art on folk…for some of us you make it easier to dream THANKS!!

  21. Hello! i was wondering if you could tell me what i can do to cover up a tattoo that i have recently tried covering up. It obviously didnt work. Thank you so much!

  22. hey Tommy I’m in Jamaica watchin both shows; Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master. I love ur art its so amazing. I’ve never gotten a tattoo b4 n am eager 4 1-“virgin skin”. Read ur blog n am willing 2 b on the waiting list of 2-3 yrs. How can I get this appointment?

    • – As of this month my waiting list has reached about a three to four year wait. If there are any cancelations, the open spots are given to clients who are in the process of completing a tattoo.

      We will NOT add anyone to the waiting list via the internet. You MUST call the shop to be put onto the waiting list.

      Please contact 516.414.4249 to get on that list and if you leave a message, please allow 3-5 days for us to get back to you. Thank you.

  23. Dear Tommy, i am 15 years old right now but i am looking to get my upper arm covered in a design similar to the grim reaper done by you on the season finale on ink master season 1, please email me back the closest possible time this can be done thank you

    • – My shop is Empire State Studio located in Oceanside, New York.

      – As of this month my waiting list has reached about a three to four year wait. If there are any cancelations, the open spots are given to clients who are in the process of completing a tattoo.

      – Tattoo Nightmare Shop is only used for Jasmine, Big Gus and I to work together and film. The filming is done in LA however, the shop is not where we each work on a daily basis. There is no phone number for the shop, again as it is only used for filming. I do not know the scheduling/waiting list for Jasmine or Big Gus.

      – I do not work at Madison Tattoo Shoppe in North Hollywood, again the tattoo shop that I own is in Oceanside, New York and is called Empire State Studio (

      We will NOT add anyone to the waiting list via the internet. You MUST call the shop to be put onto the waiting list.

      Please contact 516.414.4249 to get on that list and if you leave a message, please allow 3-5 days for us to get back to you.

  24. Damn I’d love to get a tattoo from you. Sadly I’m in Canada… Do you book long distance (and by long distance I mean out of America) clients? I mean, waiting time is no problem, considering I’m only 18 I can afford to wait a few years,

  25. Tommy, I cannot even begin to describe how much I admire you. The way you carried yourself on Ink Master was really classy…in a modern sort of way, I guess. And of course your art work is amazing. But more than that, your patience astounds me. Especially reading some of these posts…even I’m getting frustrated. Anyway, I’m gonna stop gushing now and maybe sign up for the waiting list when I’m not broke.

  26. Hola Tommy! I admire and respect your art work and creativity. I would like to get some ink done on my body from you. I don’t have any ink on me yet but I think you are the perfect artist to do so and your art work inspires me to finally get it done. Its sucks that the list is closed as of now. I wish I could add my name to the list even if I have to wait 4 yrs. I’m willing to travel across the country to make it happen. Thanks for keeping it real! You are so talented brother!

  27. Hey Tommy ! I really need a cover up so i decided to make a tatto as soon i turn 18 i beg my parents to let me do it . So, i convience them so i could make up my mind what to do ? So i tatto my own name i decided to do Chicano letters on my neck and a small rose under it now am 23 and i regret i wish i could cover this tatto up i dont knoe what i was thinking when i did it lol if u could please msg me give a idea how to cover up thank youu and i lovee youur art work ! Big shout out to Big Gus !!

  28. Hey I was wondering when and if the waitlist will ever open up again? I’m 20 and I have no ink anywhere and I’d be honored to have you give me my first tattoo. I’ve been a huge fan since I saw you on ink master and if I have to I’ll end up waiting years to get one. I almost called in today but noticed it said the waitlist was closed.

  29. Hi Tommy! I would LOVE to get a tat done by you,but i am in North Carolina.:-( Any chance that you would be traveling to do any festivals near by????

  30. Just wanted to say I think you are an amazing artist and love watching you on Ink Master and now on Tattoo Nightmares! Keep up the great work! From a fellow Long Islander!

  31. Ty tommy for the email back. I now understand that your buy and this opened up my eyes to your popularity. I still hope one day yo get my tattoo from you but I can wait. Will always be a fan of hours and will continue watching ink master and tattoo nightmares

  32. Hey man my name is christina and I would love to get a tattoo from you. I see that your booked up, but all I wanna say is I love your work and your a great artist….much respect. ;)♥♥♥

  33. After finally deciding I want a phoenix on my rib cage for my first tattoo. I subscribed to the blog and now I’m playing the waiting game with the waiting list. I can’t wait until it’s open. There’s no doubt your the artist I want for the piece. Much support from here in Michigan Tommy

  34. Although I totally understand your position, I’m really bummed your not taking on new clients. I’m a big fan and I love your work and you have inspired me to get my very 1st tattoo. (I’m 36 yrs old and have none)
    I was in a similar situation on a much smaller scale myself. I’ve been a nail tech for 17 years and I hand paint all my nail art. I also had to stop taking on new clients. I know it can get overwhelming and there’s not enough hours in the day. I didn’t take a vacation for 10 years before I almost burned out on nails altogether. But I love it too much! I’ve since started a family and have found a healthy balance. So as sad as I am that you won’t be able to do my tattoo, I understand! I LOVE your work! And if by some small chance you want to do a 1st tattoo on a very cool, laid back, funny chick, call me.. I’ll be there! Since I can’t do tattoo nightmares as I have nothing to cover up, perhaps you can do a special episode for virgin skin? It’s a stretch.. But I had to put it out there. I’ll continue to watch and appreciate your work!

  35. Tommy when u three have time. The tattoo I want for my grandfather will be new and the cover up can be done by big gus or jasmine. Sincerly Charlie Mclellan

  36. I have a few tattoos but I didn’t really get into tattoo artists or other tattoos till Ink Masters. Sense I saw the first episode I have been a huge fan of yours and I would love to have you do my tattoo. It’s a kind of tribute to my husband who is in the Marine Corp. I totally understand that your waiting list has recently closed and you don’t know when it will open but I will wait as long as it takes to get a tattoo from you! I can’t wait till I can get my name on that list.Hope to hear from you!!

  37. Would love to get a tattoo covered up by Tommy, Big Gus or Jasmine! Would be amazing !! A dream come true for sure

  38. Hey Tommy,
    Duncan here, massive fan of your art, design and execution, winner hands down in my mind, Inkmaster is not a fitting title for you, besides the blatantly obvious talent, your sincerity & passion for your clients is first class and you are more like the ‘King of Skin’, sounds much better.
    Anyway, I know you’ve stopped taking bookings, so I didn’t book my trip from Australia in July to come over to New York, but I still want to, walking around with your work on my skin would be an absolute privilege & honor. Mate, if there’s any chance I could get in to have you do some work, I’d jump at that & on a plane ASAP.
    Really keen to here from you.
    Best Regards

  39. Hi!! Let me start by saying I love your work!! They way your art seems to jump out at you is amazing and surreal. That being said, I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and I would like to incorporate their names into a delicate beautiful work of art. Maybe something like a helix or even Angel wings of protection. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

    I have a tattoo nightmare, lol. It’s on my neck and I have been very reluctant to fix it because I don’t want it any bigger and I’m afraid it won’t be feminine. Maybe you could help with your wonderful creativity and ability to think outside the box.

  40. Hello i have a under water half sleeve that is really cool. Its far from a tattoo nightmare lol. I’m trying to finish the peice with a great artest so i kno I’m going to get the quality I’m looking for. The artest that started the peice passed away witch there for that’s why its not finished. I would appreciate if we can set up a aptment, it would mean a lot to finish this peice so far its great, i just want a master peice and I’m willing to travel from Sarasota Florida too sit down with you. Please let me kno if i can get on your schedule because it will be a misson not to be secure in sitting with you. Thanks Rob Alvarino

  41. Have you ever had a client with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I am a girl who was in a car accident and it was the catalyst for this condition. It is a connective tissue disease where my collegen is faulty, missing a protein. I was a jazz guitarist in college and this disease has caused me to miss out on some of the things I love, but I take it one day at a time.I would love to get a tattoo ( if possible) of a pinup holding a jazz guitar. I will read more info on getting on the waiting list.
    thank you, and you are very talented! jess

  42. Hi you say this says how to get an appointment but I have read over it numerous times and so not see how to book an appointment. I dont care if its not for 5 years I just really want to have a solid appointment. Please tell me how I can do this. Thank you have a great day!

  43. hello, friend’m a fan of yours is you do not know me, excuse me but I want the hassle or tattoo with you, I am from Venezuela but would do anything for you tattooed me respectfully I say goodbye and success in his career.

  44. Tommy Hello I wanted to know if you could make a sketch of illuminati want it to look it’s a pyramid, I do not want a triangle with one eye. I would really appreciate it Beware hug

  45. hey tommy love your work just wanted to know if there is going to be any more tattoo nightmares because im fed up watching repeats all the time would love to see some new stuff

    thank you


  46. Hi, I’m from Mexico and I will travel to NY in December , I really would like to schedule an appointment with Tommy on those days , I hope can help me

  47. You probably get this all the time but I have literally gone to so many different places and gotten shot down !!! I had gotten myself my first tattoo for my 25th birthday (2years ago) I was suppose to get an infinity with the word family with spikes and barbwire going into my skin with a drop of blood to represent each of the siblings in my family ! Now at the time I was living in Texas I didn’t know anyone and I had no family there my husband at the time moved me there after I had gotten out of the army. I agreed to move there to help raise his sisters children so that they didn’t end up in foster care. Being that I was in the foster system as a kid I didn’t want to see that happen to them. I got very lucky and was adopted into a good family so my thought was I should help them like I was helped. Well I was all alone like I said and my husband at the time introduced me to a couple of his friends. One girl being the girl he cheated on me with while I was stationed in Alaska and he went home to Texas for a while. I decided I would be the bigger person n suck it up I had already forgiven him so whatever. Well turns out her n her new fiancé did tattoos and we’re doing one for him. His got done came out really nice so I said ok I’ll let her do mine. I told her what I wanted she tells me she can’t do that and it’s to manly any way and she draws up two hearts back to back like an infinity it was cute or whatever so I said sure and then she colored it in when I wanted black and shaded and make these little sparkle things to represent my siblings. Now this is all not the bad part, the bad part is the fact that she spelt family wrong she spelt it with a J so it said jamily !!!!! I was so pissed about three days later she went over the J with nude coloring and put a big black fat F on top. Now at that time I was also about 300 pound sub since lost about 180 pounds so the FAM in family is all smooched together and is hard to read !!!! Since I realized how bad and abusive my marriage was and the situation I was in was and I left my husband the kids ended up going back to there mother well they will be here soon but j made sure they were ok! And now. I have this horrific thing on me to remind me how bad the last 4 1/2 years of my life were !!! I seriously don’t know how to fix it or if it’s even fixable or if I should just suck it up and get it lasered off. If there is anything at all what so ever you can do or any advice it would be greatly appreciated !! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you Shannon

  48. Hello Tommy ! I am Vanessa Uruguay ! I am a big fan of you! and your Tattuajes ! and I write because I really need your help! you’re the only one who can help me! ( I must say that I do not speak English , only Spanish , so I apologize if you do not understand what I write because I am using a translator to communicate !) I have a Transformation for you to do me! but I need you to answer me when I could have an appointment for you tattues me so , I can coordinate my trip, because as I mentioned I ‘m from Uruguay ! many look forward to your response ! From already thank you very much! You’re the best!

  49. hello from the site you sent my question is if you can cover my arm tattooed could travel with you I do not speak English I am Venezuelan and if you help me I will go till his tent’m currently

  50. I’m a big fan of yours and also a TATTOO APPRENTICE here in TN and was interested in seeing if you would autograph a photo of yourself and mail it to me so I could frame it and put it in my booth at the shop. That would be sweet to have on my wall. Hope all is well!

  51. eres un maestro de la tinta, me pareces hermoso me encanta tu sonrisa, espero algún día conocerte así ya estemos viejos…. eses un ídolo para miiiii. que Dios te bendiga….

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