Waiting List


Please be advised I will no longer taking new clients and the waiting list has been closed. I will be doing my best to finish existing pieces of work as well starting the new ones of people who are currently on the waiting list.

Any cancelations will go to the clients with existing tattoos that need to be finished. If and when the waiting list is reopened, I will post it on my blog as well as my personal and shop website.

Thank you so much for understanding.

Tommy Helm

19 thoughts on “Waiting List

  1. I was wondering if I am still on the “waiting” list since I was suppose to be on it before it closed. Thank you.
    Heather VanDriessche
    Bay city mi

  2. Last year on tattoo nightmare there was a coverup done of bright and colorful candy. I have been unsuccessfully trying to find a photo of it. Can someone please help me find a picture of this tattoo?

  3. Mr. Helm.. Would love ink work from you.. Do appreciate the consideration and your time luv.. Requesting to get on a waiting list in the near future and stay in contact with updates..Figured you’d just be booked for ages and keep yourself circling..:) shall be an honor.
    Much love.
    You’re the best!!
    Best Regards,
    Lady True luv

  4. I hope you will be opening up your waiting list in the near future. I’ve needed a cover up for 20 years but was terrified of making it worse. I finally found exactly what I want and who I’d like to do it 🙂 Love your work.

  5. Tommy,

    First saw your work on Tattoo Nightmares and followed it up binge watching Ink Master on Netflix. Great work all around and I’ll definitely subscribe to know when your waiting list opens again. It’s inspiring to see the way you commit to your work.

  6. Please help us. We are getting married and my fiance chose a strapless dress. She unfortunately got a horrific tattoo a few months later. It needs serious help. Our wedding date is June 27 of this year can you fit her in? We live in east meadow NY. Thank you so much. Ginny Collins & Dawn Zimmerer

  7. I live in fort smith ar who h is obviously a ways away from you. But I am interested in traveling there to get a tattooe from tommy. How long is his waiting list?

  8. If u so open up ur waiting list i would love for u tommy to cover up my tatoo that was supposed to be a memorial tatoo iys not that at all please i need help

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