7 thoughts on “Portrait cover-up

  1. A true artist who cares ….. love love love Tommie!! That’s why i’m on his waiting list…… cannot wait for that beautiful day to come… when i get my tattoo by Tommie 😀

  2. Tommy, you’ve done some great work, over the years, but this cover-up totally, utterly blew me away. I am *SO* impressed that you managed to do this, and so incredibly successfully, AND without a stencil!

    Although it’s one of your most subtle cover-ups, and not your own design, I venture to suggest that it may perhaps be your most skilled cover-up, ever.

    It must have taken enormous courage to even attempt it, and I’m quite certain that even many of the best black&grey portrait specialists around the world would have backed away from attempting this cover-up.

    Gus was right – Balls of steel and TOTAL RESPECT!!

    Whenever I see this episode on re-run, I find myself shaking my head in utter disbelief at what an absolute balls-of-steel TRIUMPH this cover-up was for you. Definitely a career highlight.

    Respect, respect, RESPECT, Tommy! 🙂

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