Win a 4 hour tattoo session


Please Read – Very Important
I am holding a fundraising raffle for a close dear friend who was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive, inoperable form of brain cancer and needs help raising money for medical expenses.
I am raffling off four hours (worth $1,000) for a tattoo, no wait. Raffle tickets will be sold at $10 per ticket and they can be purchased over the phone via credit card or in person via cash/credit card.
The winner will be announced Christmas Eve and an appointment will be set up right away.

Please share this with as many people as you can, as this means so much to me, my family and the Empire Crew.  All proceeds will go to my friend and his young family.  Monetary donations or any donations that can be raffled would be greatly appreciated and accepted.

Thank you all so much.

To purchase raffle tickets:

Call 516.414.4249
222 Merrick Road Oceanside, NY 11572
#empirestatestudio #222 #tommyhelm #tattoo

11 thoughts on “Win a 4 hour tattoo session

  1. I’ve lost both my sister and my Dad to brain cancer. I sending all my thoughts and love to your friend. Unfortunately I am in Australia so a little too far. Love and light xx

  2. I love the work that u do and if i was in ny i would so buy so many tickets lol i live in australia and religously watch ur show on tv and i have always said if i had eough money i would love to have u to do my first tattoo and what u are doing for ur friend puts a tear to my eyes because my uncle died five years ago with cancer and my auntie and cousin in the uk have it so i am proud of u for what u are doing xxx

  3. Hey, Im a supervisor at Starbucks and i can donate a gift basket for you to raffle, just in time for the holiday. If youre interested, I’d love to be of help. Shoot me an email.

  4. I am just a town away in Long Beach. I thought you were in Cali full time. I will purchase ten tickets, it would be an honor to help your friend and I would love to have you do a black and gray angel on me.

  5. Hi, I’ve just read your blog, regarding your friend, which by the way has really touched me. So I’m writing to ask how could I make a donation/buy a raffle ticket, towards this cause. I live in the UK & obviously I’m aware that sometimes , you can put your details onto a computer & nxt minute you’ve had your card cloned & well I’m sure you get where I’m coming from. So as I would love to make a donation to such a touching , cause (by the way, I pray everything is as comfortable as it can be for your friend),,,yet I also need to make sure, you actually recieve the donation & I recieve a ticket. 😊 pls could you manage to email me with a safe & secure way as I’d really like to give my support …

  6. Heartbroken for you. My Mum and I have cancer at the same time. She got to see me survive before she lost her battle. I’ve lost more loved ones since to this shit of a disease and i continue to fight as part of the Tour de Cure Australia.

    One of the most important things that keeps me fighting despite all my ongoing health battles is the support from those around me. I have no doubt your friend loves you for being in his corner as he fights. As a spectator to the fight it can feel hollow and make you feel helpless. You’ve chosen to help him fight. Hats off to you. It takes guts for you both but in numbers we gain strength.

    Will be thinking of you when they shave my head to make a wig in a couple of weeks when we are on tour. Thank you for helping us fight.

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