Elimination Interview

Back in September, viewers watching Inkmaster had an opportunity to vote between Kyle Dunbar and myself as to whose exit was the most controversial.  Kyle won the votes and his interview was aired. 

Here’s the link to my unseen interview with Dave Navarro.  

Thank you for taking a look…

*** if the link does not work, try to open (but copy and paste) in your browser)


28 thoughts on “Elimination Interview

  1. It won’t play anymore , due to date or right restrictions or something 😦 your the man tommy an amazing artist I can only hope my tattoos get up to the standard of yours one day

  2. Love your responses! So professional and more importantly, so genuine! Dave nailed it when he said how your fans love you because you’re so freaken humble. Keep on pushing forward with a huge smile on your face. Wishing you much success 🙂

  3. What most of us fail to understand is that in today’s society (especially in the US) where people’s attention span is shorter than ANY time in human history judgments are rarely about quality, talent, or character..but rather the person that self-promotes, “makes the most waves” and stirs-up the greatest amount of controversy.
    If you examine history you will find that truly GREAT artists, musicians, poets and writers were just expressing their OWN ideas & feelings THROUGH their art–and then it was totally left in the hands of the Public to react (either positively or negatively).

    Although I was unable to open any of the links, having watched every episode of every season of this show what became more and more apparent was that the cameras “favored” the most outspoken (and egotistical) artists rather than just allowing the artwork to determine who had something original to “say” with their designs.

    I have NO problem with “experts” judging technical ability and fundamentals (in any area or discipline) but at a certain level it ALL becomes SO subjective that in the final rounds it became more of a popularity contest than anything resembling a real competition.

    What sticks in MY mind is the way in which the “losers” handled themselves, not trying to claim bias or “I got screwed”, etc…but rather showed their class, character, and integrity to acknowledge the good things that this show gave them and to simply move forward with their pursuit of artistic excellence. In ALL of the seasons of this show I can count those individuals on ONE hand–with Mr. Tommy Helm certainly being in that category! (sorry Kyle Dunbar, you are not even in the same league when it comes to humility and class–which in my book is JUST AS important as how you handle your machines!)

    Best of luck Tommy, and I hope to meet you in person one day to shake your hand!

  4. Thanks for sharing the video. I wondered about that when I was watching that Ink Master episode. You are the best Tommy! You’ve got a great attitude and perspective. I admire your work and much respect for you as a person. Also love Tattoo Nightmares!

  5. I’m a big fan, love your work. Your professionalism and polite manners in an industry where idiots usually see who can crow the loudest was refreshing.

  6. Sorry to say I can’t get the link to work via the site or copy and pasting (though I’m also in Australia so that is no doubt mixing things up a bit as there is sometimes a location issue with videos on Spike).

    Having said that, Ink Master season 1 was recently replayed her and I was totally hooked. Mostly by the art/show concept and then the personalities behind the art. I was struck at how real and humble you were, even in all the extremes when it would be easy to snap. It had to be hard when Shane won the graffiti challenge and while he was taking time to talk up his work, you were obviously stunned but replied with “I’m all good” in a way that made us believe you were, even though it was hard. I understand how the judges came to their decision (though I don’t necessarily agree with the flow on result of that decision).

    I hope that much success comes to you, though I suspect you’ll be just fine whatever happens, because you value more than just what everyone else sees, but rather treat all that comes to as a chance to do better, be better and to learn from. All the best to you, your family and your future endeavours.

  7. Hey Tommy, ur brilliant, ur artwork and ur character. U were definitely robbed of a win. For me u made Inkmaster, it’s so great to see how much success you’ve had and duly deserve since. I’d be honoured to wear one of ur tattoos, shame I’m all the way in London, UK. Massive fan though x

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