Season Premiere Photo: Before and After (Spoiler)

Thank you for tuning in last night for the seasons premiere. 

I truly believe you can’t just throw a tremdous piece of art on a small girls body.  I worked this cover to be an efficient and less intrusive piece on this young lady, something appropriate.   

1 thought on “Season Premiere Photo: Before and After (Spoiler)

  1. I was so delighted to see you, Big Gus & Jasmine doing what you do best! Helping those who have been “wounded” by bad tattoos .. you’re transforming people’s lives. I suspect it’s not just the FABULOUS tattoos you’re applying that “fuels” you, its that Wonderful feeling we get when we know we’ve done something positive for another! If more people could “understand” that .. this would be A Whole New World! .. “Dream the Possible” ….. Namaste πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜†
    Now on a lighter note & simply …. You guys make people HAPPY! You’re “Happy People Makers” Geez, what a job to have! You’re all Blessed!
    Oh, & Tommy, that cover-up was Awesome, the deep rich tones you put in are just INCREDIBLE! Jasmine blew me away with that badly scarred cover-up!! She has a heart-warming personality & genuine care for others, it’s no wonder that man hugged her, she’s everyone’s sister & Extremely talented! Big Gus is always Amazing me, again, a truly gifted man, with a big heart, cover-ups or not .. as far as I’m concerned, there is no other Tattoo shows out there!! Congratulations on a New Season! .. Many more Lives will be changed, forever!
    Tommy, you’re still on my “bucket list”, I’m a Virgin “Tattoo covered “Wannabe”! (in other words .. I ain’t got none), but there would be no other Artist I would want to “lose that virginity to”, boy, that sounds weird .. LOL πŸ˜†
    With Blessings!
    Vicki McKinney

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