Tommy Helm has been living a life of art since he was a child. As a teen, he created murals, painted jackets and worked with oil paints, which translated into him pursing art as a career. He graduated from FIT and decided that the corporate world was not for him. Tommy was inspired to enter the world of tattooing by an artist, an old biker named Florida Frank, the man behind his own first taste of ink – a tribal tattoo. Tommy has more than 16 years experience under his belt and is the owner of Empire State Studio located in Oceanside, NY. His favorite style of tattooing involves solid and bold colors with lots of detail and it has proven to be very popular with clients.

Other Mediums | Spray paint, Markers, and Colored Pencils. I just started experimenting with oils with hopes to become good with them.

Influences | Maxfeild Parrish, The Bird, OE ,Os Gemenos, My Wife and too many others to list.

Favorite Style of Tattoos | Anything that the customer is psyched to wear for the rest of their lives. I love doing tattoos with solid bold color and lots of detail.

24 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Yo tommy i was wondering if you do scars? I have a pretty gnarly one on my upper forearm and its just a bad reminder of what happened.. Ive been a big fan ever since i saw your work on inkmaster and honestly i think you shouldve won but whatever i’d say your more famous than shane is haha just get back to me as soon as you can so i can send you some pictures of my arm and go from there.

  2. Tommy,
    Im sure you get this all the time but im a huge fan. I reside in Northern California and must say ive admired your work since you appeared on ink master. Im looking to finish my quarter sleeve and would love to book with you. im prepared to give an advance to secure a spot as im sure you have a looong loong waiting list of clients. if possible please respond. Thank you Angel.

  3. As you are no longer taking new clients, any recommendations on a decent cover up artist in the Detroit area.? I’ve been unsuccessful in my research both online and speaking with local tattoo artists asking for their feedback. Frustrating. Most artists have said just laser it then find someone to tattoo over it. However, you seem to be capable of the challenge without laser being involved…thoughts? I’m frustrated. It’s not very big at all. Comparable to the solid black pentagram on season 2 episode 1. Thanks for the ear! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for watching and supporting the show. I am unable to review any tattoos to give advice or to see if they are coverable due to the overwhelming amount of appointments I already have scheduled. There are so many artists in so many different cities, it would be impossible for me to refer you to someone. Internet, social media, word of mouth and reviewing portfolios are the best ways to find and choose an artist.

  4. Love your work, love your attitude, from one NY artist to another. If only you were single.
    I truly wish you all the very best success in everything you do.

  5. You are an absolutely amazing artist and I fell in love with your work while you were on Ink Master. When I saw you were getting your own show, I was so excited. While I know you are very busy, my dream is to be tattooed by you one day. If you can do amazing tattoos, even while trying to cover an existing tattoo, I can’t even begin to imagine what you could do with only the limitations of your imagination and the clients idea.

  6. Hi tommy
    I was wondering if its possible to buy a sketch off of you so I can hang up in my room? Im just curious. I love your work and I’m in love with the Tattoo Nightmares. Thank you.

  7. Hey there Tommy!
    I’m Pinky and I hail from Australia! I just want to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me! I’ve been watching ink master and tattoo nightmares and your work truly amazes me, I hope that someday I can be an amazing artist as yourself!
    Keep up the amazing work! Love from Australia.
    Pinky xo

  8. After seeing first season of Ink Master and episodes of Tattoo Nightmares, I have become a huge fan of you, Tommy! How I wish I lived in New York and not Wisconsin 😦 I’d wait as long as I could to be tattooed by an artist like you. You’re a real inspiration, and I think you are the ink master. You may not have gotten the official title, but Shane O’Neil has nothing on you man. Keep up the great work, I know you work hard and love what you do!

  9. Hi Tommy! I have no artistic talent whatsoever, and I wanted to let you know how much I admire your work! I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for years but have never seen anything that inspired me, until I saw one of your creations… Unfortunately, I doubt there will be many artists that can replicate it! All the best – keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Tommy, we’ve only just begun to watch Ink Master here in the UK, and I have to say you were robbed! Everyone I speak with agrees you deserved to win. The judging was, and still is arbitrary beyond words.
    You behaved as a true gentleman, the same can’t be said for the majority of other participants who are arrogant, over-confident bullies who take hideous pleasure in the misfortune of others.
    I’m very pleased to see you go from success to success – well deserved.
    Great to see your impressive artwork on canvas. I’ll be checking the artwork for sale section very regularly.
    All the best for the future.

  11. Love the programme, although I have never had the desire to get a tattoo myself, but who does a top tattoo artist get to do their art work ?

  12. Hello Tommy. Gisele am from Argentina, met them (to you, jasmine and big Gus) by the program and I’m fascinated by his work.I am 33 years old I am a history teacher, and although I have tattoos, with you would be my first time, definitely.
    Would be able to fly to the US to have an appointment with you, but I would come basbtabte expensive tattoo. hahahaha !! 😉
    I love your work !!! Congratulations and keep working hard. They are the best.
    a great hugs from Argentina! Love.

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