15 thoughts on “ARTBYTOMMY.COM

  1. Hi my name is Ken Jackson, I live in Modesto Ca. As far as being on the show or anything like that I’m not concerned with. Don’t get me wrong I watch you guys all the time and see all the wonderful cover up work you do.If it’s something that you feel would work out good for the show i’m game for it. More then anything I’m just looking to have a couple small tattoos’ covered on my right upper arm. It’s just something that i need to have done, that’s going to help with closer on a very ruff part of my life so i can put it behind me and just move on. I do kinda have an idea what I want to have done, so if its something one of you would be interested in please feel free to contact me, and I can send you pics. of what I have and also what I would like to have done. Thanks for your time.

  2. Apart from your amazing body art, your paintings and sketches blow me away. I wish I had money to invest in a Tommy Helm original right now, because I think your paintings will probably be what you are best known for in the long term.

    I would like more info on any fine art galleries you may be exhibiting at.

    You are truly an amazing artist! Thank you!

  3. My husband & I think your an awesome artist love your show. We are not looking to be on it but my husband has a very small faded jail tattoo of his x-wifes name. He would like to cover it up with a sexy nurse pin-up that resembles me. (Im a nurse not sexy one but a nurse lol). Do you only do cover ups? Also how do you charge by the piece or the hour? Please let me know how to find these things out. I would like to make his dream true to have his first real tattoo done by you.

  4. H! My boyfriend loves Tommy Helms work, funny thing is he is not a huge fan of tattoos or even art but I got him to watch the show and he LOVES IT!!! He even said he would consider getting a tattoo BUT only if Tommy did it. I don’t see that happening any time soon, however, he has a great idea and i was wondering if Tommy would draw it up so I could have it framed for him? Not sure if he would do this but it would be awesome! Please let me know if this is even a possibility?

  5. I wish I could get one of my Tattoo’s covered up by Tommy, I just love his Art……… but I guess only if I am lucky will I get this ugly one I have covered up.

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