Season Premiere Photo: Before and After (Spoiler)

Thank you for tuning in last night for the seasons premiere. 

I truly believe you can’t just throw a tremdous piece of art on a small girls body.  I worked this cover to be an efficient and less intrusive piece on this young lady, something appropriate.   

Matryoshka Doll Show

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support Empire State Studios Matryoshka Doll Show last night. A huge thank you to all the artists who got involved to make the show a success. Jeff once again curated an awesome gallery showing! We all had a great time. It is always great to see our friend Daze too when he takes the trip from Miami to party with us. We got to grab an awesome photo at the end of the night with Daze, Lalo and Jesse Smith.

Again, a huge thank you to every for making the night amazing.



I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been following me on facebook to check out my tattoos, sketches and art projects.  I now have a twitter account along with my website and blog.  I will posting these photos on the blog instead, so please stay posted for many pics to follow.  Thank you to all my loyal clients (old and new), friends and family.