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  1. Hey tommy my name is Matthew Kelly and I’m a veteran who has a sleeve tattoo and would like to get a background and possibly a center piece done by you. I’ve seen your work on both yours how and ink masters. Sorry for the runner up by the way. Thought you have overall better talent! But on to the main issue, I would love to have an American flag in the background as well as some digital camo. And I am open to ideas for a centerpiece on my forearm. I’m retired marine. And have the EGA. dog tags. The words semper fi. Honor courage and commitment and last but not least Usmc on he tricep area. Just in case you can and or are willing to fulfill my arm with ink you don’t come up with the same thing I already have. Lol

    So thanks for your time and if you get ahold of me that would be awesome so thanks again.

    Pfc. Matthew Kelly

  2. I live in the Bahamas and I want to get three tattoos cover up with one tattoo I watch tattoo nightmares all the time and I watched ink master. Your the true winner. Anyways there no one in the Bahamas that could do great cover ups and I thought about going to the USA but I don’t know who’s good and who’s bad over there. I do know for a fact that your one of the best artists I’ve seen and heard of. So I don’t know how this all works. If I apply for a waiting list or call or whatever the procedure is I just want your help. I really do. I don’t know if this is needed but I’ll give a quick description. I have my ex name on my panty line a zodiac sign on my right shoulder and my name on my lower back aka the tramp stamp (classic right?) I would like a rose to cover the zodiac sign and and comes down to the tramp stamp and cover that with the roots or leaves or something (Tommy know best). I’m Also not sure what to do with my ex name by my waist but whatever suggestion I’ll take. I want the steam of the rose to seem as if it’s going through my skin. My grandmother name was rosemary. I love her more than anyone in this world. When I used to be in pain or hurting she would also make me feel better. I think it would only be fitting if I use a rose to cover up all these mistakes I’ve made with permanent ink. I live in the Bahamas I’ll fly to wherever to get these cover up.
    Thanks for reading. Sorry about the long message.

  3. Hello Tommy,

    Huge fan!! You’re a really cool guy and phenomenal artist.

    Please let me know when it’s possible to get slated in for an appt. or added to the waiting list.



  4. Hey Tommy, You are going to be tattooing in Halifax, NS for the Maritime Tattoo Festival from the 16th to the 18th of May 2015. I wanted to enquire what the chances are to get a possible cover up on my shoulder and one for my wife on her hip. I am a serving military member for over 20+ years and would feel honored to have you work on me. If you are not doing cover ups we would still love to have you tattoo us. Please let me know if this is possible. I can send other contact information if you require. Thank-you for your time.

  5. Hi Tommy, I have become obsessed with your work after watching Ink Master, you should have won, well anyway I am from Melbourne Australia, and I am willing to fly over to get a tattoo from you, can you please advise me on how I go about booking an appointment. Can’t wait to meet you.

  6. Like I said, I am not a soldier, but I am nurse and I think what I do and do it well. I give 100 percent to my patients and there families. I don’t have a lot of money, but I have done a lot of dignity and honor for my patients.

  7. People can’t understand what we go through. We have families that want to sue you, cuss us for the families. We are the ones that get the brunt of the abuse, the verbal abuse and the physical abuse. I don’t allow abuse, I take great care for my patients.

  8. Looking at a price and what time a lot you have available for Saturday or Sunday at the tattoo convention please let me know thank you.

  9. Hey Tommy. I admire very much your work, in October I travel to NY. I want that you form your work. When you travel to Argentina?

  10. Tommy, I just get to know ink master last week and I really wish that you had won, love your work and tattoos, so I came here just to congrat you for your awesome art.
    I live in Brazil, and I look foward to visit New York someday and you can be sure that before that I’ll contact you, for a big badass tattoo.

    πŸ˜‰ Peace.

  11. Hello Tommy
    My name is Alvaro Lopes, I live in Brazil and my english is not the best, but i will try to get it simple for you.
    I am a HUGE fan of your designs, watched you over the ink masters seasons and the tattoos or nightmares, and i think you are the best in what you do; i read the information in your blog about that you do not do any drawings for others to tattoo but i wanted to ask for an exception, because i live in Brazil and there’s no way in my life to afford a trip to the US an plus get a time and money and appointment with you.
    I have no tattoos in my body, and i really want something special for my skin and made by a legend like you i wold be eternal grateful.
    So i wanted to ask if you cold break your rule and make a sketch unique and send the draw so i can tattoo here in Brazil.
    So anxious for your reply.
    Very very thank you.

    Your fan from Brazil, Alvaro Lopes.

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