Blooming with Autism Art Show


@collective_ink is hosting @bloomingwithautism art show curated by @biggusink , The auctioning for these pieces of art has starting LIVE now at bidding ends Sunday so go login for a chance to bid on one of these amazing pieces of art. 

Artist include:
Bob Tyrrell @bobtyrrell 

Carlos Torres @carlostorresart

Roman Abrego @romantattoos

Marshall Bennett @marshallbennett  

Flaks @flaks32g

Megan Jean Morris @meganjeanmorris  

Timothy Boor @timothyboor

Aric Taylor  @aric_taylor

Ryan Smith @colorcrimes

Mike Devries @mikedevries 

Abey Alvarez @abeyalvarez

Mario Rosenau @mariorosenau

Brent Olson art junkies @brentolson_art

Mike Demasi Art junkies @mikedemasi

Josh Duffy @josh_duffy

Kalm @kalmone

Rich Pineda @richiebon

Poch artistic Element @pochtattoos

Aloy MSK SKA: @aloy-21er

Tony Olivas @tonyolivas

Myke Chambers @mykechambers

Tommy Helm tattoo nightmares @tommyhelmart

Jasmine Rodriguez tattoonightmares @jasmine1221

Big Gus Ink @biggusink

Gypsy Rose Ink @gypsyroseink

James Vaughn @mrjamesvaughn

Big Meas @bigmeas

Nico Perez @inkbynico  

Scott Martin @scottmartintattoos

Art by Chino @stigmaink_tattoo

Mech Master Mike @mechmaster_mike

Mag Chop @magchop_art

Lio  @liotattoos 

the art show is being held at the @tattoomaniawpb tattoo convention in West Palm Beach, FL ! 

100% percent of the proceeds will go to @bloomingwithautism charity for children with Autism. 

1 thought on “Blooming with Autism Art Show

  1. Thank you for participating in this. I’ve just started watching tattoo nightmares and you three are really great artists and people. My daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and people don’t realize just how much it can affect a family. Therapy costs can be crippling, and many at home services stop at the age of 3. Having at home therapy after the age of 3 can help so many children. Luckily my daughter is in a pilot program (basically birth to 5 instead of 3), and it’s been invaluable. Unfortunately I don’t think the program will continue past the first two years due to funding. That’s why organizations like blooming with autism are important because therapy does work. She was nonverbal when she started the new program at about 4, and within a year she has learned enough communication skills to be classified as low verbal, among other skills she gained. So thank all three of you for donating your art to this cause. It’s an important one. Keep doing what you do, you do amazing work. If you ever open a shop in the upper east coast I’d defiantly get a cover up 🙂

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